Privacy Policy


Cambridge Passport Photos appreciates your custom; therefore, we will not forward or sell your information to any third party for marketing reasons. We hate spam and unwanted sales calls as much as anyone. We will not bother you with weekly newsletters or fill your email inbox with marketing emails.

Your name and address details will be forwarded to secure Royal Mail shipping software for the purpose of providing you with your product and for any after sales support you may require.

Your photograph will be held on our computer and kept for a period of 6 months for your own security in the event of loss or damage to your own file or printed photograph.

Copyright of your photograph remains the property of Cambridge Passport Photos in line with UK and international copyright law.

We may use your photograph to promote our services on our own website, social media platforms, or on published media and marketing material. If used in this way, no other identifiable information, such as your name or address, will be linked to your photograph. We will not do anything which may compromise your security, safety or cause offence.

Your photograph will never be sold to an image library, third party or used in a manner which may harm your privacy or reputation. Your photograph will never be used to endorse or imply association with any political party, charity, commercial or non profit group.

We may use your photograph to promote a certain visa application on our own website. If you have any cultural, religious or political sensitivities relating to any particular country or nationality, please let the photographer know. Discretion and common sense will be used at all times.

If you wish that your ‘likeness’ is not used for our own promotional purposes, please let the photographer know in writing by using the contact forms above.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to speak to the photographer or contact us in writing.